How it all started - Lada in the USA

Well, it all started in 2001...I was browsing through Ebay Motors site, and came across a very interesting car - 1966 Fiat 124 Sedan. It was in California, and had a blown transmission, so I didn't buy it at the time. For those of you who don't know, 1966 Fiat 124 Sedan looks almost identical to Russian Lada 2101 save for door handles. Now I was determined to get myself a Lada. Call it nostalgia or whatever - when I was born, my grandfather drove me and my parents home from the hospital in his nice brand new Lada...all the way back in the seventies...We had that Lada in the family for almost 20 years...All these times I was riding in it...I even learned to drive in a Lada (not my grandfather's though - the one at the driving school - it was a beaten up 2105) So, I am quite attached to these cars... Well, anyhow...I started looking for a Lada...and there was not a single one for sale in the whole United States...didn't surprise me since they were never sold here...So I started looking for a Fiat...even found a 1974 124 Sedan Special - drove 300 miles to St. Lous to take a look at it - it didn't look like a Lada at all...well...maybe a little bit...But it wasn't what I was looking for...

Then, one day...I was browsing through ebay again - and guess what - there was a 1982 Lada Niva for sale in Florida - WITH A CLEAR US TITLE - WOW. I bought it for an astounding sum of $541. Check out "My Niva" page for more information about it.

Well. I had a Lada Niva...a very cool car for its time, and a very capable off-roader...But it was not in what you'd call "drivable condition"...I wanted something I could drive while I was restoring my Niva. The search continued. I decided to include Europe in my search for a nice Lada...and lo and behold...I found a 1976 Lada 21011 (Lada 1300) on the German Ebay site. It was advertised as being in "TOP ZUSTAND" - excellent condition. And only $1200 - I didn't wait long, and as soon as the seller confirmed that she would assist with shipping, I bought it. See "My 21011" page for more information about this Lada.

A couple years later I came across a 1978 Niva for sale in Belgium - it was in vastly better condition than my 82 Niva, so I decided to start over - I brought it into the States, and used my old Niva for parts. Check the "My Niva #2" page - there's a lot of interesting stuff about this first year of production Niva.

There are very few Ladas in the USA - probably less than 15...I know of 2 other 21011 and 4 or 5 other Nivas. Mine are the only ones in Illinois. There are also a couple Samaras in Seattle. By the way, if anyone is interested in using my Ladas in movies, video clips or parades - email me, I'm open to discussion.