Lada Niva Sites:

South Africa Niva Club - Includes full service and repair manuals for Lada Niva
Cloggy's Web Archive - Niva Fiat conversion, Niva parts catalog
Vern's Lada Niva 4X4 - very nice Niva site - Brazilian Niva site (in Portugese)

Other Sites about Lada cars and/or other Russian and Soviet Cars:

SovAvto Website - Everything about ALL Russian cars
WWW.VAZ.EE - International Lada Club (in Russian)
Max Menkov - The Lada Man
Mysko&Lada - Enthusiast from Slovakia (in Slovak) - nice pictures
Lada Owners Club of Great Britain - British Lada Club
Volga in America - Site about a Volga GAZ-21 in the USA

Other Useful Links:

Able Cargo - worldwide car shipping

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